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Personal Training Swansea

Personal training packages

Looking for a personal trainer in Swansea? We are Swansea's Premier Personal Training Company...see for yourself



The company was opened to further improve the quality of Personal Trainers in Swansea.


Our luxury personal trainer packages in Swansea are tailored to the specific fitness requirements of each client. 


Our programme is holistic, we focus on detoxification of the body to restore health and energy levels, looking at the best ways to breathe life back into your body. 


We leave no stone unturned, using massage, saunas, exercise, nutrition, relaxation, meditation and sleep to revitalise you from the inside out.


Organic food, clean water, sunlight and exercise are the ingredients for any human being to thrive. 


We aim to teach you our ways and once your education is complete send you back to your families and friends refreshed and ready to help others around you do the same, get their life back.

We have TWO personal training venues around Swansea:  Birchgrove (private studio), Sketty (Swansea/Gower College). 
When you contact us you will receive expert advice and guidance from our senior personal trainer, Richard Clarke, to help make sure you make the right decision. Richard will help you decide IF personal training is the right option for you and discuss the potential benefits and challenges.  You can let Richard know if you have any special requirements, nothing is too much trouble, just give him a call on 01792 893127 for a chat.


           (8 WEEKS)




                                           (7 MONTHS)
 Look at our other case studies to see if you would like to achieve similar results.

It's Risk Free

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all personal training packages. 

If you dont get the results we dont want your money. 

(Food diaries must be submitted and all sessions attended with your trainer and on your own.)

Personal Training for weight loss


Personal Training Packages Include:

  • The chosen number of Body Changing Workouts.
  • Regular Urine tests for PH and Hydration and feedback on corrective measures.
  • Lifestyle Screening & Assessment  - see where you are doing well and not so well.
  • Nutritional Analysis  - have your eating habits analysed by an expert.
  • Body Diagnostics Tests - how is your body functioning?
  • VIP access to our private studio.

Most Popular Package's with Richard

  • 2 sessions per week for 3 months = £960.00 (payable £320 monthly)
  • 2 sessions per week for 6 months = £1800.00 (payable £300 monthly)

 Remember 2 people can train for the same price as one.

REPsInitial Consultation or FREE Taster Session

We offer an initial consultation or taster session in order to establish if you are suitable for personal training ...
We do not simply accept everyone as we are big believers that if you are not in the right stage of (behavioural) change then you will not achieve your goals. Our personal trainers are skilled in assessing what stage of behavioural change you are at by asking you questions and assessing your lifestyle habits. During your consultation the personal trainer will establish if you are ready to start the chosen programme.

If you are deemed not suitable for a certain package/programme we will suggest alternatives which will allow you to progress towards that level.

I'm ready to change my life ... What to do next ... 

If you are interested in working with a top quality personal trainer in Swansea
email for an application form.



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10 Minute Over 60’s Circuit


Quality Sports Massage

Personal Training


Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition


Fitness Testing

Fitness Testing


Personal Training?

Sports Massage


Expert Physiotherapy


Fill out the form below and send it to us, we will contact you with an appointment time.


1) Choose a preferred location:
  Fitness Studio Gorseinon (SA4)
  Life Fitness (SA7)
  Play Football Fitness Studio (SA6)
  Private studio (SA7)
2) Choose how many sessions per week would you would like?
  More then five
3) Choose your time of day
  Peak (before 9:30am & after 4pm)
  Off Peak (between 9:30am & 4pm)
  Flexi (change times whenever you need)
 Your Details:


Beginners Weight Loss
Beginners Weight Loss

Lose 14 - 28Llbs in 12 weeks with this fat burning, fitness building programme. Based on 2 sessions per week for twelve weeks. (You need to weigh less than 115Kg or 18 Stone to start).

Ultimate Weight Loss
Ultimate Weight Loss

If you want to shed that excess weight and reveal the real you this package will burn over 28-42Lbs of Fat in the first 12 weeks. Based on 3- 5 sessions per week. Options of 12, 24 or 36 weeks.

Holiday Beach Body
Holiday Beach Body

Lose more than 7-14LBS of body Fat. Flatten that stomach and sculpt those muscles in 6 - 12 weeks. 2-3 sessions per week. Look great on the beach or by the bar. All you will need now is a tan!

Sculpt & Tone (Females only)
Sculpt & Tone (Females Only)

This female only package focuses on specific areas of the body (you know the ones) to eliminate Cellulite and get toned and elegant looking waist, arms and legs. Using tried and tested nutritional strategies we can turn your body into a fat burning machine! 2-3 sessions per week for 6 or 12 weeks.

Zero to Hero (males only)
Zero to Hero (Lean Males Only)

This is a muscle building, body bulking programme for lean or skinny and lean males only. Pack on 7-14 LBS of pure muscle in 12 weeks.

Ski Fit
Ski Fit

This 6 week programme will get you in shape for your skiing holiday. Focusing on the essential areas of strength, strength endurance and balance you will feel confident on the slopes after this package. 2 sessions per week.

Bridal Boot Camp
Bridal Boot Camp

for the Bride who wants to be in special shape for their special day. We also have groom packages. Morning Sessions 3-5 days per week. 6 &12 week options.

Pre & Post Natal
Pre & Post Natal

Our Post baby Blast is Very popular with new Mums who want their body back. We can also help as part of a pre natal programme. 2 sessions per week for 12 weeks.

Buddy package
Buddy Package

Train with a friend or a few friends and reduce the cost. Training with your buddy provides great camaraderie and added motivation. 2 sessions per week. 6 &12 week options.

Boot Camp
Boot Camp

Need to be in good shape quickly? Shape up faster than ever before. This balance programme will ensure that you chisel and sculpt your body FAST. Early Morning Sessions 3-5 days per week for 6- 12 weeks


These packages are suitable only for those who have achieved their goals. Frequency ranges from weekly to monthly to quarterly for the more advanced. We have personal trainers who have the quarterly package! We will assess your body shape and set training targets and give you a programme for the required period.

Not sure? Not Sure? Don’t see a package that fits: Have one tailor made just for you.




Richard Clarke - Advanced Sports Performance