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Sports Nutrition



Our sports nutrition Packages will ensure that you take the guesswork out of losing or gaining weight.

Sports nutrition

We can help you ...

  • Get leaner than ever before − fancy a six pack?
  • Turn your body into a fat burning machine in just 7 days
  • Get ride of cellulite forever
  • Drop body fat and gain muscle at the same time
  • What to eat on competition or match day
  • What NOT to eat on competition or match day
  • What to eat on the week of competition
  • What NOT to eat on the week of competition
  • What supplements work best and why


Using our own personal experience and knowledge we are able to help you get perfect nutrition for your needs. Whether that is a 6 pack or a gel pack we can put together routines and nutrition plans to ensure you always have energy and are in great shape.


Endurance athletes...

Triathletes, Ironmen, Runners, Cyclists and Swimmers... we can help you bring your times down just with our nutritional input! (See our Case Studies).





See our various packages below, or if you require a higher level of support contact us to discuss your needs.



Sports Nutrition Package


This will cover:

  • Nutritional Analysis & Energy Balance
  • Food Diaries
  • Recommendations & Targets for Change
  • Supplementation Options


PRICE: £247.00 (four session package over 4 weeks)



Grocery Shopping Package


We will come with you to do your grocery shopping and show you the how’s and why’s. Taking all your needs into account and those of your family we can help you make better choices for everyone.


This will cover:

  • Audit of current contents of cupboards and fridge freezer.
  • What to buy
  • How much to buy
  • What not to buy
  • Meal ideas
  • Understanding labels
  • How not to waste money (and food)
  • Sports Supplementation


PRICE: £247.00 (four session package over 4 weeks)



Meal Preparation Package


If you would like us to take control we will gladly come to your home and give you a host of meal ideas and recipes. From protein shakes to quick snacks and main meals to deserts we will show you how. Preparation is the key to success here, “those who fail to prepare must prepare to fail” we can show you all the time saving strategies we have learnt to take the hassle out of eating well and getting in great shape.


We will help you learn to:

  • Prepare your food
  • Mix Protein shakes
  • Know which type of protein powder to have and when
  • Make nutrient rich, high protein Snacks and Meals
  • How to weigh the right amount of food for your goals
  • Eat balanced meals – Proteins, carbohydrates and Fats in the right quantity for your goals
  • Make good choices when your in a rush
  • Making isotonic drinks
  • How to make high protein Smoothies
  • Prepare a great lunch box for work, travel or competition


PRICE: £247.00 (four session package over 4 weeks)




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